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The Stanton T92USB, or the Stanton T92USB Direct Drive DJ Turntable, is a premium product for high-end audio requirements. If you only want to collect records, this is not something you should invest it. However, if you are passionate about your music and love that finesse and quality of sound from vinyl records – this is what you should probably be buying. But of course, every turntable has its fair share of pros and cons. The T92USB is no different. Read our Stanton T 92 review and you will learn whether to go for this turntable or not. And if not, then why not. If you decide it isn’t for you, there are a few other choices on our list of best turntables.

stanton t 92 review

Overall quality and sound delivery

stanton t 92

General customers and audiophiles are both very happy with the overall audio quality of the Stanton T92USB. There is a remarkable difference between a few turntables at this price point, and we daresay that the Stanton T92USB turntable provides the best experience, as long as we are talking about the overall audio quality of the turntable.

The sound delivery is optimum and if you are looking for something exceptional or beyond the usual, this is not the product you should be eyeing. In fact, you should not be eyeing any product at all in this price range. If you want really ultra-high-end sound output, you will have to shell much more than the price of the Stanton T92USB.

Technical details

The motor is very powerful, solid, and stable. The high-torque direct-drive motor is not only praised by general customers but the audiophiles as well who are passionate about all things vinyl. The direct-drive 8 pole 3 phase brushless DC motor is a powerful beast for a device of this range and it sure doesn’t disappoint. You can’t say that the Stanton T92USB lacks in any way as far as the sound quality and output is concerned.

The second thing we would like to bring your attention to is the durability. The build quality is exceptionally well and you can almost feel the strength when you first set it up. No problems in mounting. No depreciation in the audio quality because of non-stable parts.

The Stanton 300.v3 cartridge comes with the turntable on the headshell. It is a powerful and professional quality cartridge that will enhance your experience for sure.

Wrapping up the Stanton T 92 review

There are a few things you should ensure while using the Stanton T92USB. For example, the Azimuth adjustment has to be very precise for a great experience. The level should be perfect. If the turntable is not perfectly 180-degress, it won’t be able to track perfectly. Bubble levels are a good idea if you are passionate about making your turntable sit perfectly level. Further, also pay attention to the amount of friction the stylus experiences. Generally, any stylus moves towards the center of the record. It is called “skating.” You might want to go for anti-skate mechanisms like gravity or the knob ones if the existing anti-skating controls don’t work.

The Stanton T92USB comes with all that is necessary in a good turntable for a good quality.

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