How to Choose a Record Player -Audio Technica LP120 Review

Hey everyone, welcome to MusicGuideZone, today will be talking about how to choose a turntable or record player?! Now this is a question that a lot of first time vinyl buyers are going to be asking themselves: how do i ...
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pro ject essential 2 review

Pro Ject Essential 2 Review

The Pro-Ject Essential II turntable is a high-end turntable for those who need premium quality audio output from their vinyl records. If you are an avid record collector, an audiophile, or simply passionate about the quality of vinyl music – ...
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stanton t 92 review

Stanton T 92 Review

The Stanton T92USB, or the Stanton T92USB Direct Drive DJ Turntable, is a premium product for high-end audio requirements. If you only want to collect records, this is not something you should invest it. However, if you are passionate about ...
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lenco l90 review

Lenco L90 Review

The Lenco L-90 is a mid-range turntable with excellent qualities and some shortcomings. The Lenco L-90, however, is not for every user. The specific requirements that you have determine whether this will be a good product for you or not ...
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pro-ject debut carbon dc review

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC Review

The Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC is not only an excellent turntable for those who want a high quality sound output from their vinyl records but is also an equally stunning and stylish product. No matter what the rest of your ...
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numark ttusb review

Numark TTUSB Review

The Numark TTUSB is a fantastic turntable. It comes with great features (albeit a couple of glaring shortcomings) and has the style and sound quality that any music-lover will find pleasing. Overall, the interface is very nice. Splitting larger tracks ...
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denon dp29f review

Denon DP-29F Review

The Denon DP-29F is one of the best budget-friendly turntables out there on the market right now. The basic qualities that you expect from a reliable, primary turntable are fiercely powerful. The weaknesses that you are used to from even ...
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