Pro Ject Essential 2 Review

The Pro-Ject Essential II turntable is a high-end turntable for those who need premium quality audio output from their vinyl records. If you are an avid record collector, an audiophile, or simply passionate about the quality of vinyl music – this might be the perfect turntable for you if you can shell the bucks. In our Pro Ject Essential 2 review, we will mostly focus on what’s good as there’s not really a lot to talk about the shortcomings, and that’s why it’s on our list of best turntables.

pro ject essential 2 review

Overall quality and sound delivery

The overall sound quality, as one would expect, is brilliant. You will not be disappointed. The sound delivery of this powerful machines beats all competitors out of the water in this price range. Basically, the Pro-Ject Essential II is a piece of amazing music equipment and will enhance your musical experience manifold.

The powerful motor is quiet-running and the platter is low-resonance, meaning there is less of unnecessary vibrations. Directly, that implies that the sound quality is finer and better than your average turntable. Surely, you already know that the Essential II is no typical turntable and therefore you can easily expect the overall sound quality to be mind-blowing.

Technical details

pro ject essential 2

The overall build quality is lightweight but sturdy (particle board). This not only gives a unique finish but also a great functionality to the Essential II. Any turntable with this kind of construction produces great music by default.

Technically, the Pro-Ject Essential II ranks well among all benchmarks that you can think of in this price range (at least those we could think of). The Ortofon OM 5E Cartridge is a leading cartridge used in audiophile-level turntables.

The motor is also high-quality. Vibrations are minimal. The 8.6-inches aluminum tone arm works really well. The main platter comes with a stainless steel spindle, Teflon bottom, and a bronze bushing.

Wrapping up the Pro Ject Essential 2 review

It’s important to know the basic difference between analog and digital music: the quality. But on your first listening of an analog track, you might not notice any significant improvement over its digital counterpart. Why? The answer is simple. A turntable has to be perfectly silent itself to produce the greatest quality of music. In other words, all the other parts of the turntable like the platter, plinth, or the tonearm, can produce vibrations of their own.

pro-ject turntable review

So, what basically happens is that these parts produce their own sound waves that later-on interfere with the sound that’s coming out of the speakers. The vibrations get mixed-up. The best way to fight this muddiness and loss of finer details in your music is simply upgrading your system. A Pro-Ject Essential II will be perfect as a device to hear good music, but it won’t be great unless all parts work in tandem without producing any overlapping sound waves. That’s why you need to pay special attention to keeping your turntable clean, on a fixed base, updated with the latest accessories, and perfectly in working condition without any faults or defects (not even the smallest ones).

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