Lenco L90 Review

The Lenco L-90 is a mid-range turntable with excellent qualities and some shortcomings. The Lenco L-90, however, is not for every user. The specific requirements that you have determine whether this will be a good product for you or not. In our Lenco L-90 review, we will try to find out exactly that – whether this will be a good turntable for you or not. If not, then what else can you look out for, and why not. So, read along our brief Lenco L90 review and figure out the qualities and shortcomings in detail, and see why we put it on our list of best turntables.

lenco l90

Overall quality and sound delivery

There are no doubts regarding the good quality sound output of the Lenco L-90. You will find that the L-90 performs as you would generally expect. There are no problems whatsoever. Just keep your accessories clean and everything in good condition and you will be good to go. Tuning might be necessary sometimes with special tools.

The sound delivery of the turntable is average and, in some cases, we even found it to be below average. However, the good quality and other features more than just make up for this lack.

Technical details

lenco l90 review

The turntable is semi-automatic. It means that you neither get the nuisances of a fully-automatic turntable nor the problems with a fully-manual one. Semi-automatic turntables are perfect for a large number of people out there. There is a good chance that you are one of those people. And if you are, then understand that the Lenco L-90 will be a perfect addition to your audio gig.

There is a switchable stereo pre-amplifier which eases things a lot. However, there is nothing special in that because most turntables in this price range have this feature. Some have better functioning pre-amps, but mostly you’ll find lower power than the L-90 so it’s not a bad deal at all.

The platter comes with 33 and 45 RPM settings. These speed settings will cover almost all your needs. The aluminum platter is also very well-balanced, as we found out during our initial tests.

As one would expect at this price point, the Lenco L-90 comes with three very essential features: adjustable counterweight, an auto-stop function, and an anti-skating mechanism. All this improves the sound quality further.

Wrapping up the Lenco L90 review

Now that we are over with the basics, you need to know a few more things in order to have a great experience with your Lenco L-90. For those who understand tracking force and tracking angle, you probably know how to best adjust them and how they help you out. However, if you don’t, then you are highly recommended to check out how one does tracking force adjustment and vertical tracking angle adjustment. Essentially the tonearm has adjustable tracking weight. Things can go wrong if an arm has no counterweight. Adjusting it is easy and you will find the how-to quite easily. Further, the vertical tracking angle needs correction. Correcting the VTA is similarly easy, as you’ll find.

lenco l90 turntable review

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