How to Choose a Record Player -Audio Technica LP120 Review

Hey everyone, welcome to MusicGuideZone, today will be talking about how to choose a turntable or record player?!

Audio Technica LP120 Review


Now this is a question that a lot of first time vinyl buyers are going to be asking themselves: how do i choose a turntable, there is lots of different options out there and lots of different brands and models you know?! How do I know where to begin?

Well the first and most important thing is what your budget, and that’s a big consideration that you need to think about. There are turntables for under hundred dollars or turntables which will cost $200, $300, $400 or $2000 and more.

Audio Technica LP120 – a really good turntable for begginers

Now personally I think spending over $1000 for a turntable is a bit excessive, you can find some quality turntables anywhere between the $200 and $400 range.

I really love Audio Technica LP120, and I believe it’s a very good beginners turntable. There are some turntables that are under hundred dollars there’s one brand that I really do not recommend you, and that’s Crossley.

Now I don’t like to talk bad about certain companies but Crossley’s products are just not good and I do not recommend you buy them at all, their cute and they are sold in many places but the needles are just terrible and they cannot be replaced.

The whole design of them is off, and the sound quality is really bad and the problem with them, the biggest problem is that if you’re buying quality records and your playing them on that, it’s actually going to destroy and chew up your records it’s going to destroy the grooves and you won’t have those records are very long before the sound awfull.

Don’t buy Crossley’s TurnTables

So, I I beg you please do not buy Crossley turntables, there are lots of other great brands like I mentioned I have an Audio Technica personally, there’s audio technica LP 60, which I’ve heard good things about then there’s the 120 and there’s also on the project line of turntables which are good also heard many great things about music hall and the list goes on and on but the most important factor that you need to ask yourself is budget.


My personal opinion is that the good turntable start anywhere in the two dollar range and go to $400 and can go really higher but if you really want to buy good quality turntable consider spending within that range $200-$400 and you get something really good and it’s the last you a long time and it will chew up your records that’s a good thing.

The next thing you need to think about is features, what features do you want in your turntable? First of all, what kind of records you gonna be playing? The standard 33 1/3 RPM records or you can be playing 45s, or older 78 records which need a special stylus or needle so also you know can your turntable do different pitches or can you play your records backwards?


I know some of these things are kind of cute features but are really necessary, Audio Technica LP120 for example can play records backwards and do all three speeds 3345 and 78 but if you only to play 33 records then why would you need a turntable that has these other speeds that you not gonna use?!

Audio Technica LP120

So think about what features are most important to you and then choose your turntable based on that decision. The last consideration you need to think about are Options, and when it comes to upgrading your turntable if you want to upgrade down the road you want to know that you have that option that you have the option to change the turntable to upgrade the needle, to upgrade the counterweight, to to even upgrade the preamp if it’s got a built-in preamp, you flip a switch and bypass it and get your own preamp or something better.


Even though you might not want to upgrade your turntable now, you could do it in the future, so those are the three most important things you want to consider in buying a turntable.  Like I said earlier I really enjoy the Audio Technica LP120 I’ve had it for a several months now, at least six months and I really I really enjoyed it’s a great beginners turntable,  but yet like us and there’s also lots of other different brands and models that you can choose from but it it there is no one right turntable for everyone.  It depends on what you gonna be listening, to what speed of records you gonna be playing and what features you like to have so I hope this article has helped you in narrowing down your decision.


There’s lots of different brands out there is lots of different price ranges but hopefully this article has made it a little more manageable for you. Let me know what you think about Audio Technica LP120 have you had one of this? Have you ever tried this turntable?

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